Hi There! I'm Forbes the Forbidden Caverns resident Brown bat. Did you know that Brown bats are the most common type of bat found in North America? I like to eat insects ( I especially love mosquitoes!). I prefer to live near water in cold dark caves so I can catch them. I do not like to drink blood (like my cousin the scary vampire bat) nor do I eat fruit (like my cousin the fruit bat). I belong to the animal group called "Mammals" like you do, but I am the only mammal that can fly.

Unlike most animals I use my ears instead of my eyes to see in the dark, this is called echolocation. When I squek, the sound bounces off of objects in front of me and travels back to my ears to tell me how far away the object is. During the winter I go into hibernation, meaning I sleep all winter long. Enjoy the following activity pages and be sure to come see me at the Caverns!
Crossword Puzzle

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